Closeup of the front of a sports car that will get you noticed

5 Smokin' Cars That Will Get You Noticed

Chances are that at some point in your life, you've glared enviously at the driver behind the wheel of a jaw-dropping car. Climbing behind the wheel of any of the following five cars is the first step toward being noticed everywhere you go. 

1. Tesla Model S

Besides the fact that this car is entirely electric and has the highly-coveted highway autopilot feature, it is also a very elegant vehicle. The combination of zero-profile door handles, sleek lines, a whopping 17-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, and a sustainably sourced leather interior makes this car one of the most enviable vehicles on the road. The cash price of this car is $75,000, but with what you save on gas and tax credits, that figure comes out to about $57,500.

2. Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is one of the fiercest cars on the road with its intimidating, chiseled exterior design. The Charger is currently the only four-door muscle car in America, so you can still have the sporty look without sacrificing comfort. You have 10 different colors to choose from for your Charger, from fire-engine red to cobalt blue, and you can score this car for as low as $28,000 for the basic model or spend about $37,000 on the coveted Road & Track model. 

3. Audi TT Roadster

One of the hottest convertibles money can buy is the Audi TT Roadster. It is considered a luxury car, and the best part is that you can get is for as low as $46,000. This car has a retractable soft top than can be stowed with the touch of a button, and it also has gorgeous, ergonomic seats that will make you feel and look like a racecar driver. 

4. Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro is a legendary, attention-grabbing car, and it has been since 1969. The body style has adapted to the times, and now this car features a highly structured exterior that still captures the elegance of vintage Camaros. Its 580-horsepower engine will make you the envy of the road whenever you rev up at a stoplight, and you can customize your Camaro with a variety of exterior colors. You can buy the basic model for only $24,000 or go all out and grab the Z/28 for $72,000.

5. Subaru WRX

This car isn’t quite as well-known as some of its competitors, but it is a fantastic, eye-catching car nonetheless. It’s also a great option for those on a budget because you get buy one for as low as $26,500. This car boasts specs like a high-performance suspension and a sport lineartronic transmission that make for one of the most enjoyable driving experiences you ever have. People won’t be able to look away from your car because of its aerodynamic design, sleek moonroof, bold colors, and its ability to handle any road condition in style.

Last Updated: July 11, 2016