A pile of coupons and coins and a pen laying on table after a woman started couponing.

5 Tips to Start Couponing

In a recovering economy, many people are looking for ways to make ends meet. Between paying for a mortgage and utilities, it can be difficult to afford every necessity in life. To reduce the cost of groceries and household products, an increasing number of consumers are practicing couponing, which has proven to be effective by lowering the cost of common products. For beginners, there are a number of tips to know before starting the process and prevent mistakes.

  1. Purchase the Sunday Newspaper

    With less subscribers to the daily newspaper, many people are unaware that the highest value of coupons are available with the Sunday newspaper inserts. Some of the top brands provide discounts that are only attainable through the Sunday newspaper coupons. These coupons often have an expiration date and cannot be copied or scanned.

  2. Print Coupons From Multiple Computers

    To obtain more savings on products you already use, purchase multiple computers to increase the amount of coupons that you print from online. Coupon websites are able to track IP addresses and limit the amount of coupons printed, making it important to double your savings with at least two computers in the home or using computers belonging to family and friends.

  3. Subscribe to Coupon Newsletters

    To extend your coupon reach, it's important to subscribe to newsletters and online blogs that send the latest deals to consumers daily. You'll be informed on what coupons to pair with deals that are available in stores, which can mean being able to purchase items for free throughout the week. You'll also be notified of promotions or sales that are occurring.

  4. Pair Manufacturer and Store Coupons

    Most people are unaware that one of the most common ways to obtain a high amount of savings is by combining a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for the same item. Keep a file of your coupons from the last two to three months, which will allow you to find other coupons to match once new ones are released for the same item. Oftentimes, pairing these two coupons can mean purchasing the product for up to 70 to 100 percent off of the retail price.

    When using store coupons, only one coupon can generally be used for a single product. It's also important to ask your local grocery store about their coupon policy, which can limit the number of products from being purchased in a single transaction with coupons.

  5. It Takes Time

    Although it's easy to want to become an extreme couponer who saves thousands of dollars annually, it takes several hours per week to cut coupons, look for discounts, and calculate the savings that are available at local stores. The more money that you want to save, the more time it will take to coupon each week. Therefore it is important to pace yourself and only purchase what you need.

Last Updated: June 20, 2016