mom opening gifts at baby shower

6 Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

Baby showers are a good way to celebrate with new parents as well as help to provide the items that will be important when their child is born. Yet, hosting a baby shower can often end up being an expensive affair. It is tough to know how to throw a baby shower on a budget, so here are some tips to keep your baby shower expenses as low as possible.

Choose the location wisely.

The location for your shower should constitute about 5% of the total budget. Instead of renting a room at an expensive club or restaurant, host your shower at a local church or even in your home. You may also consider using a community space in your city, such as a public park, but be sure to check the weather! If you opt for a free location for the shower, then the only expense you’ll have is decorating the space. 

Make your own food.

Purchasing food for a large event is expensive, which usually makes up the bulk of your budget. Instead of spending a lot of money for a caterer, try making your own food for the event. This will significantly reduce the cost of the food and it allows you to try out some unique and personalized recipes as well. If you aren’t a skilled cook, consider asking friends or relatives to help with cooking the food. You may also consider making the event a potluck-style gathering by asking everyone to bring small, cheap dishes.

Use electronic invitations.

Paper invitations may be cheap for the individual invites, but the cost of the bulk you will need can quickly skyrocket. Skip the paper invitations and use an online service like Paperless Post to invite your guests instead. Many guests will prefer the ease of responding via email instead of through post anyway. For older guests who aren’t familiar with technology, you may want to consider still paying a small amount for paper invitations.

Get creative with decorations.

Decorations for a baby shower can add up quickly, even if you choose to use cheap paper decorations. Instead, consider asking your guests to each bring a small floral arrangement. This will brighten up the photos of your event and also give you the chance to treat a larger floral arrangement provided by you as a prize for any games you plan. 

Don't spend too much on favors. 

There is no need to have overly expensive party favors at a baby shower. Favors are meant to be a small token thanking your guests for coming, but it is easy to overspend. Consider something like homemade cookies wrapped in cellophane and a nice ribbon. This is a simple gesture that has the added touch of being made by you. Gifts like this will remove the large price tag that larger favors can bring.

Keep party games simple.

Party games at a baby shower do not require much money. Many party games will require little more than paper and pens. Simple games like these will remove most all costs and they will be just as fun for your guests. 

Last Updated: March 16, 2016