Group of people at a color run, a unique fundraiser.

6 Unique Fundraising Ideas

If you had a dollar for every bake sale or car wash fundraiser you’ve seen on campus, you wouldn’t even need to raise money. The truth is, many people don’t want a less-than-stellar, streaky car wash, and some campuses don’t permit the sale of food on the premises. When planning your upcoming fundraiser, try something different. Any of these six fundraiser ideas will generate interest—and money.

Car Smash Fundraiser

Would you pay $5 to smash the windows out of a car? You’d be surprised at how many people would. Partner up with a car dealership, junkyard or insurance company to get a hold of an old clunker for cheap. Then, charge a couple bucks per swing— some people would pay for more than a couple whacks.


Dog people and cat people can agree on one thing: a rent-a-pet fundraiser is a fun, adorable way to raise money! Partner up with your local animal shelter and bring their puppies and kittens over to campus. Charge $5 to $10 for half an hour of cuddle time. Who can turn down to a cute little face?

Eating Competition

Eating greasy, fatty food is an American tradition. Watching in disturbed awe as others gorge themselves is a true American pastime. Contestants can eat pies, donuts, chicken wings, or any countable food item. Charge an entry fee of $15 per contestant and use that collection to buy the food (and water); offer a cash prize or commemorative t-shirt to the winner. Want to generate even more profit? Sell snacks to the audience so they can chow down as they cheer on the contestants. Just be sure to set-up near the student health center, in case of emergencies.

Finals Week Delivery Service

Finding the perfect study spot in the library is tough as it is. That cozy corner on the second floor is prime library real estate, and you won’t risk losing your spot for anything. Wrap up the semester by having a finals week food delivery fundraiser.

This will take some dedication on your organization’s part; you’re going to have to be available after dark. Create a basic menu that students can order from, in addition to a delivery area. For example, students choose from coffee, cookies, trail mix or a sandwich.  Perhaps you’ll limit your fundraiser to on-campus deliveries, and charge a $3 delivery charge on top of the student’s total.

Vegas Night

There may be rules preventing gambling with real money within your organization or on campus, so charge a cover fee of $10 instead. Set up tables with a variety of games and offer prizes instead of cash winnings. This fundraiser is fairly inexpensive, as most of the costs will go to decoration. Dress up in your swankiest attire to help shape the atmosphere.

(Almost) Naked Run

Okay, you won’t actually be streaking across campus…but you’ll come pretty dang close. Instead of your typical marathon or race, have a “naked” run and allow all students to participate with a $5 - $10 entrance fee. Before everyone takes off, they’ll strip down to their skivvies. What happens with all the clothes? You can donate them to charity. 

Last Updated: January 17, 2017