Man points to crowdfunding for business success

7 Tips to Successful Crowdfunding

Raising money for any type of start up or business is no longer limited to traditional bank loans or loans from investors in your industry. Today, crowdfunding is an option whether you are looking to build a local bakery or if you want to launch an international eCommerce brand for online users. The more you know about how to successfully crowdfund, the easier it becomes to ensure you’re capable of raising the money you need.

  • Devise a Solid Plan

    Before you begin crowdfunding for a business model or idea, it's essential to have a solid business plan in place. The more detailed your business plan is about how you intend to generate revenue, the more likely you are to quickly gain the backing and support necessary for financial growth.

  • Create an Official Online Presence

    Building an online presence for your business or brand is imperative to making an impact when building or launching a company. Having an online presence requires an official website as well as registered names on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other relevant social media communities that are suitable for your business and its audience or demographic.

  • Use a Genuine Voice

    Always use a relatable voice when sharing new campaigns and asking other individuals for donations and backings surrounding your business ideas and plans. When you’re authentic, it is much easier to create long-lasting connections and relationships with potential customers and clients.

  • Maximize Exposure Using Multiple Online Platforms

    In order to maximize the exposure you gain online with your crowdfunding campaigns, be sure to register accounts for your business and brand across multiple platforms. Registering on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr can quickly help you gain additional exposure during your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Simplify Your Message

    Keeping your message simple when launching a crowdfunding campaign is an effective way to directly inform visitors of your intentions, as well as your needs, and save time for everyone involved.

  • Offer Incentives

    When promoting a crowdfunding project or fundraiser, offering incentives is a great way to motivate others to contribute to your cause. By offering promotional goods, gift cards, and even vacation getaways you can quickly increase the number of backers you have for your idea or business.

  • Avoid Spamming Your Followers and Online Users

    Avoid spamming your followers and visitors with multiple updates or the same updates repeatedly. Always share unique, fresh, and exciting content to keep your followers interested.

Understanding how to successfully run a crowdfunding campaign for any business or brand you have in mind is not only a way for you to gain more exposure, but it is also a way to build and boost your company's overall image and professional reputation. Regardless of whether you are working in a highly-competitive industry or field, crowdfunding is one of the best methods to share your message and brand with others.

Last Updated: January 05, 2017