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Are Modular Offices Worth the Money?

If you’re looking for a place for your new or existing business, but can’t find the place that’s just right for you, you may consider a modular office. You’ve probably heard all sorts of things about these prefabricated buildings, but what’s the truth? Are they worth the money or are they a bust? The simple answer is that yes, they are very much worth the money. Here’s why.

Modular offices are customized.

If you’re looking for something custom, but you’re on a budget, modular offices are perfect. You can choose what size you want and even plan models that are perfect for you without compromising what’s important. Additionally, modular offices can be much cheaper. The Building Industry Association of Philadelphia reported that choosing modular offices can reduce construction cost by 9 to 20 percent.

Modular offices are high-quality.

Modular buildings are exceptionally high-quality because they have to meet or exceed the same building codes that site-built structures must follow. This fact is because prefabricated offices are built to withstand transportation so the modules can make it to the land without compromising the integrity of the structure.

Modular offices are energy efficient.

Not only do you save money on the building, but the buildings themselves are energy efficient. A modular building constructed in China not only reduced energy consumption by 67% during construction, but it will continue to use 20% less energy compared to conventional buildings.

Modular offices are low-maintenance.

Modular offices are regularly made with 10-20% more lumber compared to traditionally built structures. This fact alone means that these buildings are not only more secure but low-maintenance. Because of the materials used, these structures require fewer repairs. Many prefabricated building companies claim these products to be maintenance-free.

Modular buildings offer tax benefits.

Modular buildings are completely customizable, meaning you can add whatever you want to them—including renewable energy which can lead to tax breaks. If you choose to install solar panels, solar water heaters, or wind turbines, you’ll receive a 30% write off. Additionally, property taxes and moving expenses are entirely tax-deductible.

Modular offices are built much faster.

Getting up and running is important, whether you’re running out of space or have no space at all. Because modular buildings are built inside, they can be constructed much faster than traditional structures since it isn't affected by the weather and other things that can halt construction. Plus, many structures are pre-finished, pre-glazed, and pre-wired, which significantly reduces construction schedules.

Modular offices provide flexibility for the future.

You never know where your office will end up, but you have dreams. Why have you dreams crushed by a traditional building, which decreases the amount of flexibility you have for the future. Modular buildings have room to add in whatever you need later in life: plumbing, plug-and-play, data, or technology integration. These empty cavities can be used to add flat screen TVs or whatever you think your staff will need without costing an arm and a leg.

Last Updated: May 13, 2016