Are You Receiving the Most Out of Your Business Phone Service?

Do you feel as if you are receiving the most out of your business phone service? The answer may be no if there are features that your company is paying for but not using. Let's take a look at how a company can maximize the money they are spending on a business class phone line.

Are There Multiple Phone Lines Available?

In the past, it may have cost a lot of money for small business to install a second phone line. Today, a business class phone service should offer multiple lines for a relatively low price. Having additional phone lines enables a company to use one line for the phone, another line for high speed Internet, and another line for videoconferencing capability. If you are using only one line to make phone calls, you could be missing out on lost productivity. Alternately, if you're paying for multiple phone lines and not using them, that's cash down the drain.

Could You Be Videoconferencing Instead of Physically Going to Meetings?

If your business class phone package doesn't make it as easy to video conference as it is to go to a meeting, your company is missing out on great technology. If you are able to set up a video link between your office and a client's office, but the connection lags or needs to buffer every 30 seconds, it doesn't benefit your business. Make sure that your business has lightning-fast video technology. With high-speed service, your company can do more. For example, you can conduct video interviews instead of phone interviews or close a deal with an offshore client without spending thousands of dollars to physically meet and sign a contract.

Is the Network Easy to Scale?

Could you scale your business phone package to meet the needs of your customers? If not, you may want to work with another company or create your own custom phone and Internet package that can easily grow as your company grows. If your employees can't communicate with managers at the office or quickly send and receive messages while out of the office, it severely limits your business capabilities and could sabotage its growth.

If your company isn't fully utilizing all of the features it is paying for, then your service may not represent a good value. When reviewing your business phone service, a company should know what it wants, what it needs, and what it can afford in order to figure out which business class phone package offers the best value.