mom holding baby shoes with friends at baby shower

Baby Registries: What to Ask For When You Already Have Everything

If you are expecting, starting a baby registry is a good way to ensure you receive the essential items before your child arrives. However, if you already have children, then you most likely already have most of those essentials. If this is the case, it can be difficult to know what to put on your baby registry. Here is a look at some options for your baby registry if you already have everything.

Babysitting Coupons

Having kids can be an exhausting job. Babysitting coupons are not only cheap, but they will also give you a much-needed (and deserved) evening or two off from your parental duties. Coupons can either be guests offering to pay for a night of babysitting or your guests use the coupons in exchange for babysitting themselves. 

Teething Toys

Teething toys (like this one) are useful when teething finally comes around. Items like teething toys are a good option for your registry since you will not be able to recycle teething toys from previous children. Look around for teething toys you would not normally buy on your own and add those to your registry.

Diaper Party

A diaper party is a good option if you already have all your baby essentials and want to simplify your baby shower. Gifts for a diaper party usually are kept simple, amounting to little more than diapers and other similar necessities that you can never have too many of as a new parent. Party games like gambling with diaper buy-ins are a good option for these events.

Cash Registry

If you have all the items you need, consider asking for money instead of a traditional baby registry. These monetary donations can be used for later expenses for your child or even be saved as a college fund. Either way, a cash registry will allow you to make good use of the money your guests are spending instead of letting that money go towards items you don’t need.

Personalized Items

If you already have the items you generally need for a new child, consider asking for more personalized items instead. If you know the name of your child, you can ask for items that have the name embroidered as decoration. Additionally, you can use sites like Etsy as a registry to get unique items for your new baby instead of the ordinary strollers and bottles you would normally receive.

Creams, Ointments, Powders

Since you have the furniture and carriers you need, ask for items that will be used up over time. Diaper powder and breast cream are good ideas for items like this. These gifts will still be useful, but it will not be money spent on items you already have. Look back on what products you used the most often with your previous children and consider asking for the same products in your new registry.

Last Updated: March 15, 2016