Best Business Phone Services for Small Business Owners

Choosing a business phone service can be confusing. To help you out, we've rounded up five great options for you.

  1. Vonage Offers Solutions For The 21st Century

    Voice Over Internet Protocol is an important development in communication technology and a great fit for small businesses. Vonage VOIP is non-contract, which allows flexibility in your spending. Not only is VOIP typically easier on your budget, but it also offers all of the features you need, such as a virtual receptionist and work-from-anywhere options. Vonage’s VOIP service is especially well-suited for groups on the go because you and your employees can access this system from the road. From voicemail transcription to paperless faxing, digital solutions to phone systems are the future. In short, Vonage’s service is inexpensive and comprehensive.

  2. AT&T’s Dependable Small Business Solutions

    AT&T is a giant of traditional telephone communications. With AT&T’s superior service, you will never worry about the quality of communication. If you are searching for a highly reliable phone system at competitive pricing for your small business, AT&T is right for you. Pre-packaged and well-thought-out bundles begin at around $30 per month. The bundle offerings range from local call service to long distance services. While new digital technology, such as VOIP, is a perfect fit for businesses on the go, AT&T is perfect for a locally headquartered small business, such as retail or food delivery.

  3. CenturyLink Serves Over 1,000,000 Businesses

    CenturyLink has been a huge industry secret for 80 years, despite their long list of clients. CenturyLink offers excellent choices ranging from traditional phone line packages to smartphone plans partnered with Verizon. They can also provide you with state-of-the-art Voice Over Internet Protocol if that is what you prefer for your company. Unlimited local calling plans start at the low price of $32. CenturyLink’s variety of options makes them an ideal choice for any small business.

  4. Grasshopper Provides Radical Mobility

    One of the most flexible phone services for small businesses comes from Grasshopper. Grasshopper’s biggest contribution to communication is mobility. They specialize in providing communication services which can be easily controlled from your phone. You can take Grasshopper everywhere. To make their service even better, Grasshopper offers a range of customizable toll-free numbers. Grasshopper also has a limited supply of true “800” phone numbers. Did I mention the unbelievably low price? Grasshopper service starts at just $12 per month.

  5. RingCentral: A Young Pioneer In Digital Phone Systems

    RingCentral’s brilliance lies in their ability to create an intricate phone directory at low costs. For small businesses with multiple departments, RingCentral is a good choice. This cloud-based provider delivers voice, fax, text, conferencing, and HD video meetings. Because RingCentral is cloud based, your phone system can exist anywhere and everywhere. You can get all of this with plans beginning at $25 per month.