Best Places to Live Abroad Without Going Broke

If you’re planning on living abroad, you have limitless options. Well, maybe not limitless, but it may feel limitless…until you look at the cost of living. Naturally, Florence, Amsterdam, and Paris are at the top of the list and would be great places to live, but they’re not exactly cheap. Visiting any of these places can cost thousands and break the bank in no time – much less living there. What about areas that are actually affordable?

Well, there are tons of places out there that are incredibly cheap, but most people don’t particularly want to live there. Maybe it’s too hot or crime is far too high to make it enjoyable for anyone. After all, there are numerous ways that you can determine the cheapest place to live. An aspiring expatriate can get lost in the numbers.

Consumer Price Index considers the cost of land, average rent vs. income, and more, but the raw numbers aren’t everything. Instead, we’re going to look at the numbers and make a list of cheap places where people actually want to live. Granted, we know that our list won’t appeal to everyone out there. Our goal is to make a better list than what you may find elsewhere. Here are 10 places that you can live on a budget while enjoying life.  

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