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How Do You Open a Free Student Checking Account?

Being a student offers you several benefits—one of which is a free student checking account. While you can start a student checking account nearly anywhere, not every bank offers the same fee schedule or features.

A free student checking account is tailored to students and offers special features that aren’t available with other accounts. These include online and mobile banking, free checks, bill pay, free ATM transactions, and check deposits. What sets a student checking account apart from a regular one is that it doesn’t charge a monthly maintenance fee. However, you should read over the fee schedule to ensure the bank doesn’t charge for paper billing. Most student accounts have an age limit—typicaly 24 years old. After account holders reach this age, they will be transitioned to more traditional checking accounts.

Most major and small banks offer student checking accounts, but you can check online or call your local bank to see if this option is available. Large banking institutions will have the information online, including the fees, and sometimes even allow you to apply for accounts online. When you apply in person, you’ll usually need your student identification card, your driver’s license, and your social security card.

Last Updated: December 12, 2018

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