Home gym equipment for strength training

How Much Do Home Gyms Cost?

Sometimes getting dressed and driving to the gym is just not convenient. What if you don't want to deal with the crowd at the gym? Or if you want to hire a personal trainer to come to your house? For these reasons, and more, you may be considering purchasing a home gym. The step is to first determine what kind of equipment you want, and then to evaluate the prices and find the best deals.

Cardio Equipment

The first consideration is what you want to use for cardio training. Do you want a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical machine, or rowing machine? The cost for each of these machines begin in the low hundreds and can range up to several thousand dollars. The average price for a reasonably sturdy piece of equipment is around $1,000. The most expensive machines are those for commercial use that are found in gym facilities. If you shop online, you may score some good deals or find a good price on used equipment that would let you get started for less.

Strength Training

Any exercise routine should include some kind of strength training. The most obvious choice for this is a set of weights. This can include a barbell and weight plates for around $200, a bench for $50 to $100, and a series of assorted hand weights ranging in price from $5 to $20 each. In addition, there are a variety of strength training bands available. If you’re really short on money, you can strength train using your body weight. Like cardio, this can be accomplished with an exercise video or you can put together a combination of routines on your own or with the help of a personal trainer.

Other Accessories

Aside from strength training equipment and large aerobic equipment like a treadmill, elliptical machine, or an exercise bike, there are other things you’ll want to purchase to complete your home gym. These can include workout mats, gloves, balancing balls, a jump rope, or a training belt. You should be able to get most of these accessories for under $100.

The cost of a home gym can be expensive. On the high end, you could easily spend $3,000. But you can save money if you shop online, purchase used equipment or buy generic-brand new equipment. Good places to find used equipment include Craigslist, eBay, and You can easily get started building your home gym for less than $500, especially because you don’t need to purchase everything at once--you can build up your home gym over time. For many people, the convenience alone is well worth it in the long run.

Last Updated: December 08, 2014