How Much Do Matchmaking Services Cost?

Although dating websites are very popular, matchmaking services are always an option for those who want a more personalized and attentive experience. Matchmaking services are dedicated to finding you someone compatible, helping you foster a relationship, and guiding you on the road to happiness. However, these services aren’t cheap, so here’s a breakdown of the most popular services and how much they cost.


Giving an estimated price for matchmaking services is tough because many companies have different plans that greatly range in price. It can also be very hard to understand pricing and what services will be offered before you initiate a contract. Companies, like It’s Just Lunch, are notorious for charging customers thousands of dollars without actually delivering results. Recently, the company has been involved in a class-action lawsuit over the issue. 

But how much does matchmaking cost? Because of the nature of these services, we can only give a ballpark estimate of $697 to $25,000. More expensive services are available, but this is the average price range.

Online Dating

Recently, many online dating websites have been getting into the matchmaking game by starting up services through their websites or partnering with other businesses. Two popular sites that have decided to start a matchmaking service are eHarmony and Match. Match partnered with Three Day Rule, whereas eHarmony hired experts to handle matchmaking. Unfortunately, these services won’t be much cheaper than ones already available. 

Three Day Rule costs $3,000 to $5,000 based on your subscription length. This package includes a dating coach, photo session, and stylist. The downside of Three Day Rule is the fact that it’s only available in seven major cities, which can make it difficult for someone that’s looking for a local match. This site has partnered with many popular dating websites like OkCupid, JDate, Christian Mingle, and others to assist in finding your perfect match.  

Alternatively, eHarmony is offering its services for $5,000 each year, which may be a better for some. The service is called “eH+” and the process seems to be more or less an extension of the basic eHarmony site with the addition of a matchmaker to help with potential matches that you’ve met through your profile — the new detailed questionnaire that’s designed to provide better possible matches. The main difference between eHarmony and eH+ is that the questions go more in-depth than before.