Online Bank Accounts and Mobile Banking

Online banking accounts are special checking and savings accounts that a consumer can manage completely online. They provide 24-hour access to a wide range of banking functions, and they give account holders access to their funds at all times.

Many banking facilities are offering their own version of online accounts. However, some online banking facilities operate only by online access. Such accounts are beneficial to bankers because they cut down operating costs and time for traveling to a physical location. Many of them offer a wide range of features for customers who want to try the exciting new options.

Features of Online Banking Accounts

Online banking accounts are different from traditional accounts in that their processes are performed online. However, these bank accounts offer a multitude of exciting features that a majority of consumers find refreshing. One feature that an online bank may offer is a waived monthly fee. Some banks offer to waive the maintenance fee if the consumer performs a minimum amount of transactions per month. Many consumers pay enough bills online to meet that requirement.

An online bank may offer inbound and outbound transfers from various banks. This means that the consumer has the ability to move money around with the click of a mouse. The feature is quite beneficial to those who spread their funds throughout several accounts. Online banking accounts may offer additional features such as monetary rewards for direct deposit. This gives the consumer an incentive to join the bank.

Concerns About Online Banking Accounts

Some consumers may worry about the customer service efforts of online banking institutions. Some of them may provide shoddier service than others. However, a consumer can prevent that situation by conducting research before signing up with an online bank. Online searches are likely to return consumer comments and ratings on a bank that has been in business for a while. Personal security is also a concern for customers who perform most of their banking online. The vast majority of banking websites and mobile applications use secure channels to protect customer data. There are also precautions you can take, in addition to your institution's security measures, to prevent identity and personal information when using mobile and online banking features.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a feature that many traditional banks provide their customers. Mobile banking is a feature that allows account holders to have access to their bank accounts on their mobile devices. The account holders simply download an application, and they can perform an array of tasks from their devices. The features that mobile banking applications provide include check deposits, transfers, bill payments, transaction history review, and current balance information. Most mobile banking programs also offer completely secure banking. The programs are excellent for business or individual consumers, especially those wishing to save some time from waiting in line at the bank.

Banks and Mobile Banking Programs

Not all banks offer mobile banking applications, but most of the major banks provide them. The applications are available for both smartphones and tablets. Be sure to inquire whether your particular device's operating platform is supported. Customers have the option to bank from their phones, from the bank’s main website, or via text messaging. Smaller banks are starting to learn the benefits of this new technology, and they are starting to incorporate these programs into their array of features. In the near future, all banks will offer these convenient alternative banking methods to their customers.