Purchases That Need an Extended Warranty

One of the most important ways to spend your money wisely is protecting your investments. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase extended warranties for your major purchases. That doesn’t mean that you need to purchases every single warranty that you are offered. You have to make sure the warranty is a good investment.

The Purchases That Need Extended Warranties

If you are going to be putting a large sum of money down on a purchase, you should be looking into an extended warranty. Cars, for example, are sold with an extended warranty option. When you think about the high prices of auto repairs, you can see how beneficial an extended warranty for your automobile could be.

Research your extended warranty before you pay for it. Make sure to read all of the fine print on the warranty. If you are unclear on anything, make sure that the salesman gives you a clear explanation. If he can't give you an answer, then press him to ask someone else.

Electronic Purchases

When you are buying electronic items, you should definitely consider purchasing an extended warranty. Repairing electronics can be very expensive, especially when a critical part of the electronic device is damaged.

Consumers frequently complain about devices starting to malfunction just after the standard warranty expires. Make sure that you always take advantage of extended warranties on electronic devices. This is especially true when you are buying a computer, iPad or other expensive item.


These major components of your home are very complex, and the repair bills on them can take a chunk of change. An extended warranty protects the significant investments you have made in these essential items in your home by offering free or low cost repairs on critical elements.

Consider purchasing extended warranties on all of your major home appliances. This includes things like your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, air conditioner, and furnace. When an expensive appliance breaks, the repair or replacement costs can be shockingly high! If you have an emergency fund, you can probably afford to replace it, but if you don't, you could find yourself trying to cope without your washer or dryer.

An extended warranty is almost always a good policy. When you have your expensive purchases protected, it just makes you feel better. It also will eliminate a lot of stress when you have an expensive piece of equipment eventually break down. Although you may not always need it, most times it is a good idea to get it for major purchases.