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Top 5 Penny Stock Investments of 2014

Penny stocks are often seen as laughable, or only for those who can’t afford to invest in regular stock trading. What most people don't know is that trading penny stocks can be extremely lucrative and result in a huge profit. It all comes down to knowing which penny stocks to trade. This article offers a list of the five best penny stock investments this year.

  1. Bravada Gold Corps

    Bravada Gold Corps, or BVGDA on the OTCMarkets (OTCMKTS), has made incredible strides during the past few months, shooting up as much as 675% of their original price. This stock started slowly, which caused many people to ignore it, and only 727 shares were traded each day. However, on the last day of March, Bravada Gold Corps hit an all-time high of having 27,000 shares traded in a single day as the prices rose steadily. It has a market cap of $179,000.

  2. SMTP Inc.

    SMTP Inc., or SMTP on NASDAQ, is a company that specializes in providing email support and associated services to their customers, which vary from very small businesses to very large businesses. Since the start of 2014, SMTP Inc. has seen the value of each of its shares rise 324%. They rose steadily; reaching 500% of their initial value during the first week and have since settled at a comfortable price. Because of the huge price increase, the company recently announced they would pay shareholders $0.12 per dividend, which is rare in the world of penny stocks.

  3. Hemp Inc.

    Hemp Inc, or HEMP on OTCMKTS, is one of the leading marijuana stocks that have had prices rise as marijuana was legalized in certain states of the U.S. Since the first day of the year, Hemp Inc. has had a 514% increase on their stocks. It started the year at $0.02 per share and now trades in the realm of $0.12. It has a market cap of $24 million.

  4. GreenGro Technologies

    Another marijuana stock, called GRNH on OTCMKTS, has seen an 877% gain so far this year. GreenGro Inc. helps those who are interested in starting their own medicinal marijuana factories plan, construct, and obtain the materials that they need in order to be successful.

  5. Celsius Holdings Inc.

    Celsius Holdings Inc, on OTCMKTS as CELH, is a company that specializes in making drinks that burn calories, a rapidly growing phenomenon. They have been trading with increasing intensity and cost recently and the trends predict they will continue to do so in the future. Their overall gain since the first of the year has been a respectable 388%, but their prices have risen by 82% up from that price within one week.

Last Updated: August 07, 2015